The Encounter

A personality... every met person is unique. Unique in the way she dresses, she moves. Unique in the way she expresses herself, she thinks. It is this uniqueness which I try to perceive during a first meeting. This uniqueness which I try to retranscribe in my images.

Whether in a studio, outside or in a particular place, the first moments are dedicated to discover you. Encompassing your personality, understanding your motivations. Through a sparring match, creating a fragile link which is going to allow us to dash into a privileged portraits session , witness of unique moment.


The Memory

The human being is born, lives and dies. During his brief passage in our world, he evolves constantly. Of child, he becomes adolescent, then grown-up. His physical aspect changes, its appearance also. He becomes more mature, his face testifies of its real-life experience. What an amount of souvenirs...

I suggest immortalizing the present moment through my photos, fixing it in the time and retranscribing it on paper. This memory of a particular moment of your life can cross the times calmly.

From 250.- CHF ...

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