The Encounter

The place... this magic, not revealed location. To discover a new environment is a rare privilege. Entering for the first time into a building, into a house or into a hotel, is the right moment to observe lighting effects. A reflection on a coffee table, a cast shadow on a wall, some beams crossing venetian blinds. Inhaling the place, becoming soaked with it. It's time to begin to sketch mentally its first framings, to imagine the final depiction. Although I appreciate particularly to be able to work in natural light, I sometimes add a blow of flash, here and there, to emphasize an element of decoration or uncork a shadow. Moving. Modifying its angles. Suits the place. It is necessary to understand it to retranscribe its uniqueness through its images. Pay it tribute. Place yourself at its service in humility.


The Memory

A place lives, evolves, modifies as the seasons go by. A new layout, a modification in the lighting, a new elements of decoration. A place is never static and you would like to freeze it in the time to preserve a detailed memory.

I suggest to document your place through my photographies, fixing it in the time and retranscribing it on paper. To keep a testimony which will cross the times.


From 600.- CHF

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