The Encounter

An event... a place... participants. Whether it is a conference, a wedding or a show, your event is unique. Unique by the place, unique by the day and especially unique by the atmosphere. Plunged into its atmosphere, perceiving the details which will make an image strong, capable of retranscribing the real-life moment. Close to reportage photography, staying on the lookout for a snapshot such a hunter, shooting to immortalize a fraction of time. I look above all for to share through my images sounds, colors and met sensations. To retranscribe the essence of your event.


The Memory

By its very nature, an event never lasts. It is unique and cannot be reproduced. The kiss of the bride, the roar of laughter of the assembly, an exchanged glance between two people are magic moments which owe to be captured at once.

I suggest freezing your event through my photos, fixing it in the time and spreading it in a private gallery on the Internet. So you can share it with the whole world.


Corporate: from 500.- CHF
Wedding: from 1'500.- CHF

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