Portrait d'Olivier Gisiger
Digital Photographer graduated from the School of Arts in Vevey based in the Lake Geneva Region (Etoy - Lausanne - Genève), Switzerland, Olivier is attuned to his customers' needs.

Endowed with an excellent technical control, he analyzes the projects which are submitted to him and propose abstract solutions cut to measure both for the institutional and commercial clients.

Olivier is able to meet your needs in the field of digital photography, VR videos, timelapse, e-Products (slide show for tablet and Smartphone, pdf interactive, applications) and virtual tour.

Olivier is an active photographer both in French-speaking and German-speaking Swiss as well as in the Geneva border region..


— Architecture / Heritage / Interior & Exterior Spaces
— VR video / Virtual Tour
— Aerial photography
— Urban landscape
— Timelapse
— Studio (mobile studio) or external Portrait
— Corporate
— Events
— Photo coaching
— Web development (Wordpress magician)

He also invite you to visit the following webbsites:

Le Panographe

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